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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior!

If you live in Las Vegas and do not have a church home, an invitation is extended to you.

If you are visiting Las Vegas anytime in the near future, we invite you to come and worship with us.

Greater Carver Missionary Baptist Church History
May 16, 1944- Present

On May 16, 1944 Greater Carver Missionary Baptist Church came into existence, under the leadership of Rev. J. L. Simmons who served from 1944-1947. The first home of the Carver Church was located at Carver Park in Henderson, Nevada. After three years of service Pastor J. L. Simmons resigned. Upon the resignation of Pastor Simmons, Minister J. C. Coleman served as pastor from 1947-1952.

Following the short leadership of Pastor J. C. Coleman, Minister Elijah Mayo served as pastor from 1952-1955. Under his leadership Carver was relocated to 4 Mile Park in Henderson, Nevada. In 1956 Carver merged with Mercy Seat Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. James Proby, in which Pastor Proby served until his passing in 1967.

After the passing of Pastor Proby, God sent Rev. Lofton Richard Sr. to serve as pastor, serving faithfully from 1967-1983. Under the leadership of Pastor Richard, on May 9, 1979 God blessed Carver to march and celebrate with a ribbon cutting of its permanent place of worship, located at 1221 North “J” Street. Under his pastorate the church was purchased and paid for. Due to poor health in 1983, Pastor Lofton Richard Sr. resigned. Upon the resignation of Pastor Richard, God sent Rev. Sylvester Rogers on November 6, 1983, to continue to lead the flock. Under his leadership, Pastor Rogers initiated: a tithing church, a fellowship parting song, (Reach out and Touch), and church furniture were installed. Among many achievements, Pastor Rogers was blessed with one Son in the Ministry, Rev. Alphonse McCloed. Pastor Rogers served from 1983-1985. After the departure of Rev. Rogers, Rev. R. J. Wilson acquired the pastorship from 1985-1993. Many upgrades tasks for the church was accomplished: new carpet was installed in the sanctuary, air conditioning throughout the church, paving of the parking lot, the remodeling of the Annex, and a midweek Bible Study was implemented.

After the departure of Pastor Wilson in 1993, God appointed a new Shepard, Rev. Alphonse McCloed, to lead the flock. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Pastor McCloed continues to lead Carver to greater heights. Under his pastorate God is fulfilling the vision of a great church. Many of his visions have already been accomplished, and other visions are being implemented, such as: Praise Team, Federation of Choirs, Youth Ministry, Bus Ministry, Handicapped ramp, church affiliation with the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, U.S.A. and the Director of Christian Education was appointed.

In Pastor McCloed’s 15 year ministry, God has given Greater Carver sons and daughters in the Ministry, and many members have also been added to the church. In January 2005 the Board of Christian Education was reestablished. In 2006 implementation of the ongoing Building Fund was set in place. 2007 the Baptismal Pool was installed and the Finance Room was remodeled. Rev. McCloed, Pastor of Greater Carver Missionary Baptist Church, is leading us as God leads him into the 21st Century, “For we are a prayerful people with expectant hearts, kindred spirits, and willing minds determined to know and spread the love of Christ.”

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